Residential Design

If you are considering a home renovation, an extension or indeed have a new home in the process of planning or in the building process I am skilled in all of these areas and have carried out many projects which have been delivered on time and within budget to the client’s satisfaction.

Every interior design brief has its own challenges and every client’s needs differ. I like to treat all of my clients as individuals, preferring to allow their varying tastes and ambitions to come to the fore as we engage in the design process. Every home I create is thoughtfully designed, caringly built and attentively finished. If you have a large or complex renovation or even a new build project in mind, I can take care of every aspect of the interior design.

I focus on improving the functionality of your property by optimising the space and the natural light. I believe that functionality matters as much as design to create a comfortable, luxurious, family focused and contemporary environment.

My legendary attention to detail, from concept stage to completion, consistently provides my clients with extremely successful interiors. Special planning, detailed drawings, lighting design, product and full material specification are all central to my design process.

Odette creates warm, balanced interiors that are equal parts form and function with her modern silhouettes that are brought to life by her use of some vintage accents and modern innovative elements. Her philosophy of “understated, practical, comfortable luxury” is further achieved through layers of rich colour, organic shapes, natural light and cleverly developed lighting.

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