Odette Kearney
Interior Design
“Fall in love with your home”


Odette Kearney has been providing Interior Design Services to many satisfied clients since 1990. She began her interior design career with one goal in mind; to transform people’s lives by enhancing their living spaces and creating beautiful homes where clients can feel relaxed, at home and aware that they are living in an interior which suits their individual taste and personality.

Odette comes originally from a fashion design background and considers that her transition from fashion design top interior design was a natural transition. “Creating a beautiful outfit which enhances a person and suits their personality and creating a beautiful home which enhances living environment are very similar” Odette says.

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Odette's Services


Residential Design

If you are considering a home renovation, an extension or indeed have a new home in the process of planning or in the building process I am skilled in all of these areas and have carried out many projects which have been delivered on time and within budget to the client’s satisfaction.

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Commercial Design

I have carried out large and small commercial design projects from restaurants and cafes to offices and company boardrooms. I specialise in refurbishment of residential investment properties for high end rental where, in the current booming rental market, I am seeing an increasing demand.

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The Design Process

Usually the Design Process is in 3 Stages however every client’s needs are different and the Stages will depend on your timing, my availability and your budgeting

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3

Introductory Conversation

In this step, usually on the telephone, I discuss your needs and aspirations. During the conversation I will get to know you, your house, your needs, and your vision. We will also discuss your potential budget and timelines and my fees.

Home Visit

In this step, I will visit your home to gather more detailed information and together we will develop a clear direction and scope for your design project. I will sometimes during this visit take measurements of your space noting electrical outlets, natural light sources, hearths, mantles, door openings and so on. I may also take the photos, if necessary, with your permission of course, that will help us to recreate your space. Depending on the size of your Project we can take some on the spot decisions on the way forward. I can discuss with you the skills and experience of the painting, decorating, building, engineering, plumbing, carpentry and stove installation team I have worked with for a number of years or you may have your own handymen. We will move forward at your pace and based on your needs.

Home Visit & Design Presentation

Again depending on the size of your project I will meet you in your home to present and discuss the proposals for your project. I will present technical drawings and material samples which will help you to visualise the final outcome and make you as comfortable as possible in your decisions. I will, on this visit confirm all the details of your project and, if you are 100% happy with the design project direction we will agree timing.


Odette creates warm, balanced interiors that are equal parts form and function with her modern silhouettes that are brought to life by her use of some vintage accents and modern innovative elements. Her philosophy of “understated, practical, comfortable luxury” is further achieved through layers of rich colour, organic shapes, natural light and cleverly developed lighting.

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